via IFTTT Opening Presents 2020 – Calia Christmas Morning Opening Presents 2020! Calia Ruth Join Calia in opening a lot of presents on Christmas morning 2020! Very exciting present opening 💝 😀👌 ️ Thank you for watching please like and subscribe to see you next time! And thank you to all friends and family for the loving gifts💝

*Calias Favourite Toys:
L.O.L Surprise Car-Pool Coupe:

Furniture Ice Cream Pop-Up Playtime:

Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Doctors Bag Set – 5 piece:

Doc McStuffins Leilani’s Luau Book:

Doc McStuffins Musical Light-up Microphone by Disney:

Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Carry Along 60 page Colouring Book Set with Crayons:

Disney Doc McStuffins Plush Doll – Small:

Keep in touch with Calia Ruth:
Her Website:

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